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My Ex Girlfriend Blocked Me on Facebook! – Why Did She Do That? – Do I Still Have a Chance?
By Eric Hawkins

If you are attempting to get your ex girlfriend back and she has done something like…

  • Blocked you on facebook
  • Made odd comments on her status
  • Changed her profile picture to something that makes you worry & wonder

Then you are probably trying to make meaning of why she is doing these things. I am going to tell you what these things could possibly mean. But before I do, a few weeks back my ex girlfriend broke up with me, and she started doing these odd things on Facebook and it got me to wondering. To make a long story short I was about to get her back in just 15 days.

When we got back together I asked her why she had blocked me on Facebook among other things and this is what she had to say…

She told me that she did those things for two reasons.

1.) To avoid seeing my profile

2.) To make me wonder

She wanted to avoid seeing my profile because she knew that she would start to wonder about me and regain all the feelings that she once had. She broke up with me in the first place because I was a bit too ‘needy’ and she wanted me to get myself back to how I used to be.

She wanted to ‘make me wonder’ because she wanted me to take this seriously. She wanted me to make the necessary changes that I needed to make in order for her to be attracted to me once again, otherwise I wouldn’t have put the effort into doing so.

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Article Source:!—Why-Did-She-Do-That?—Do-I-Still-Have-a-Chance?&id=4072041


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